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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payments?

Absolutely.  We have broken the Plans down to monthly payments.  Sign up for our membership and start your CBD business and get your benefits with out breaking bank.  Click here to view our payment plans.

How soon after I purchase a plan will you start working on my brand?

We start working on your brand right away.  Once you sign up, we will email you a questionaire.  As soon as we receive your quaestionare back, we start working immidiatelly.  To come up with the right design, we don’t like rushing our designers.  Usually we will have something for you to look at within two weeks.

What happens after I make the purchase?

After you make the purchase, our staff will contact you and send you your next instructions.  We would need the name of your brand, colors, etc……no worries, our staff will walk you through it.

Which CBD products can I brand?

We can help you brand any product in our catalog, click here to look at our wholesale catalog.  We can even do custom products for you.  If you have an idea for a CBD products and you need help with developing it, our scientists and CBD specialists will help you create you new CBD products.

Can I change the packaging?

Absolutelly.  The Plan price you paid, includes our packaging, but we want to give you the freedom to customize.  if you want different packaging other then what our products come in, great!  If you already have a package in mind, tell us what it is, or work with our staff in creating your own specific package for your brand.

Do I have to store inventory?

You don’t have to, but you can.  Our drop ship services allow you to be flexible.  We can ship the products out to your customers or send them to you.  Keep the inventory and ship out as you sell.

Do I have to pay the fees all at once?

You can.  We also have flexible payment plans available.  Call us to get details (800) 361-0484

Can I customize my order?

Absolutelly.  Customize your order how ever you want.  We will make sure your order fits your needs.

Will you customize my logo, business cards and trifolds?

Yes, we customize all of our marketing materials.  You will be the only one with that design.  If you don’t like your design, we will revise it for you.

Still have questions?

Call (800) 361-0484