CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil for anxietyResearch for CBD oil for anxiety tells us that, the consumer market is currently boomed with the new range of cannabis and CBD products. It’s actually making everybody wonder if it’s just hype or there is the underlying truth too.¬† While research on still going on for cannabis products, there is no denial regarding their benefits.

Does it actually help with anxiety?

Many patients have reported that using CBD oil has led to improved mental well-being and relief from anxiety.¬† CBD oil acts on the brain’s receptors, stimulating serotonin’s functioning that regulates mood and social behavior. Serotonin chemical present in the human brain plays a role-play in mood, sleep, digestion, and behavior regulation. According to the research, serotonin levels help treat anxiety and depression-like mental disorders.

A study conducted in 2019 confirmed that CBD can treat people battling anxiety and sleep disorder – 80% of people reported anxiety improvement. Around 70% reported improved sleep quality in the first month of CBD usage.

CBD oil for social anxiety disorder (SAD)

The human body has two cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. The receptor CB1 is present around our brain, which exerts an influence on our nervous system. Using CBD oil improves the functioning of these receptors. This allows improvement in coordination, appetite, and overall mood. Using CBD oil for anxiety also enhances the functioning of the CB2 receptor that builds strong immunity.

CBD oil for post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD)

People suffering from unpleasant memories of the past or physical and sexual abuse victims tend to fall under this disorder category. Frequent use of CBD oil has curbed many symptoms of irritability, anger, a racing pounding heart, and the feeling of living on the edge.

cbd oil for anxietyWhat is the most effective method to use CBD for anxiety?

  • Vaping CBD oil

Vaping CBD oil for anxiety is considered one of the most effective ways of CBD usage. Inhaling small puffs 2-3 times a day has helped many people lower their anxiety symptoms. The reaction is immediate as compared to other methods.

  • Local application of CBD

Constant application of CBD creams/ointment and lotions allow penetration in the skin. CBD is absorbed, after which it enters our bloodstream. It helps the nervous system providing relief to patients with anxiety. The cream helps the nerves produce some heat that relaxes the muscles of our body.

  • CBD gummies for anxiety relief

Some people chose oral methods by in-taking CBD gummies and capsules for anxiety. If you’re considering this option, you must put a gap of an hour after your medication.

For the first time, users are suggested to start with a low dosage and then step up the scale and stick to what works the best for you.


According to research, 300 mg to 600 mg doses reduce anxiety among people with a social anxiety disorder. However, research-based effective dosage confirmation is still far away.

Many people get away with anxiety using CBD products. However, most aren’t approved by the FDA, which means some must be adulterated with other ingredients.

Do not ignore these false alarms!