How To Use CBD Oil For Seizures?

Does CBD Oil Help Seizures?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a substance present in cannabis plants that is thought to help cure a variety of ailments. CBD is collected from marijuana plants and is generally made into an oil that is taken orally. One brand of CBD oil, Epidiolex, has been authorized by the FDA for the treatment of Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, Lennox Gastaut and tuberous sclerosis complex.

Can CBD oil assist with seizures?

The quick answer is yes. CBD has been shown to help certain people and animals avoid seizures. CBD has been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce seizures in persons with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex. Other areas of research are still in the early stages, however there are some hints that CBD may help prevent other types of seizures or boost the efficacy of other antiepileptic drugs. CBD appears to significantly reduce seizures in persons with CDKL5 deficient condition, Aicardi syndrome, Doose syndrome, and Dup15q syndrome in early clinical studies. Furthermore, CBD appeared to sustain its effectiveness throughout the research experiment.

How does CBD oil help prevent seizures?

That is an excellent question, but regrettably, the study is insufficient to provide a conclusive response. What we do know is that the endocannabinoid system in our bodies contains natural neurotransmitters and receptors. CBD is thought to interact with that system, which influences a variety of biological processes and systems such as immunological response, hunger, pain, and sleep.

How to use CBD oil for seizures?

If you have a seizures issue, you should seek treatment from a neurologist. It is critical to consult with your neurologist about whether you should take CBD oil. While it is typically safe to use, there is always the possibility of medication interactions. Furthermore, some persons report an increase in seizures when using CBD. As a result, just as with other antiepileptic medicine, you should have a specialist supervise your CBD use.

CBD oil dosage for seizures:

The recommended beginning dose for CBD is 2.5 mg/kg of Epidolex twice day. A typical maintenance dose is 5mg/kg twice day, with a maximum dose of 10mg/kg twice daily. It should be introduced or discontinued gradually, just as other anti-seizure drugs, because abrupt changes might exacerbate seizure activity.

CBD oil for seizures may be purchased at health food stores.

CBD oil may be purchased in most, but not all, US states from health food stores (the rules vary, so you should always check with your healthcare provider). Many businesses advertise the use of CBD oil for a variety of ailments, from anxiety to sleeplessness to chronic pain. The Epidiolex brand, on the other hand, is the only CBD oil that has been FDA-approved to treat seizures.

Precautions for using CBD oil for seizures:

It is always encouraging to read of a novel epilepsy medication, and the potential advantages of CBD oil Epidiolex for seizures are intriguing. However, we are still learning about how CBD affects patients with epilepsy, so it should not be considered a replacement for current medications until we know more. If you want to learn more about Epidiolex, CBD oil, and seizures, talk to your doctor about how it could work for you and whether you should try it.