The Right Method to Use CBD Oil Dropper

CBD Oil DroperMany CBD oils come in tincture form with a dropper so you can measure out portions without much effort. Start by determining which measurement works best for you to determine how much you want to take. Then at that time, you can use the tincture dropper to extract the oil from the carrier and administer it.

What is the right dose for every person?

How can you calculate the dose that you need?

What Is the Right Dose?

Take the minimum dose of CBD oil suggested by the label on the product. There is no standardized serving size for CBD oil, so choosing the correct serving size may require some experimentation. Start by reading the label to see how much they suggest you consistently take the minimum dose. Then at this point slowly increase this dose until you see the exact dose that works for you.

If you take more than the suggested maximum dose, symptoms of illness, fatigue, or exhaustion may be more noticeable.

Calculate The Concentration of CBD Oil

Divide the amount of CBD by the size of the CBD oil package to calculate the concentration. Look for the total amount of CBD on the oil’s packaging listed in milligrams. Then at this point look for the container size, which is usually near the bottom of the package and is written in milliliters. Set up this equation (Amount of CBD / Container’s Volume) and use a calculator to calculate the number of milligrams in a milliliter serving of oil.


  • You have a container with a volume of 60 ml, that contains 1500 mg of CBD.
  • The calculation should be:  1500/60 = 25 mg of CBD per serving of 1 ml.

Keep Track of How Your Body Reacts to Every Dose?

Keep a journal of how the dosage affects your body, to determine what works better for you. CBD oil affects every person in unexpected ways, so while a low serving may work well for you, someone else may need a higher serving to experience similar effects. Keep track of your serving size, how you felt after taking it, and if there are any side effects that you experienced. As you try various dosages, write down the ones that make you feel better so you can keep taking the same serving.

How much CBD oil your body actually needs can vary according to your age, as your body processes it differently as you grow old.

CBD oilTaking everything into account, any CBD item you buy has its own service rules, the right doses can vary from one person to another. The ideal serving of CBD for a person depends primarily on the body weight, but can also be affected by other factors such as body chemistry, age, and other factors such as health conditions that you have.

Unfortunately, since it is not yet controlled by the FDA, there are no authorized dosage rules for CBD, just be sure to talk to your doctor before taking CBD oil to make sure it’s good for you.